Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cats Of Many Colors

Selling Natural Scratch over the years has put me in touch with an amazing number of cat people and an even more amazing variety of cats. The stories I've heard or read are pretty amazing. Cat's that will eat just about anything to those that hardly eat anything.

Extremely fussy and solitary cats to those that are nearly as happy-go-lucky as a typical dog.

Just as cats come in many colors so do their personalities. Some run terrified from running water, others enjoy lapping it directly from a lavatory faucet. Humans have told me about cats that *guard* Natural Scratch so their companions can't get at it. But then there are those with multiple cats who enjoy clawing the post at the same time.

The takeaway from this is as someone who is trying to live with a cat, it's important to realize that you have to learn the cat's personality and what motivates it in order to understand how to train it.


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