Thursday, October 2, 2014

Foxes In The 'Burbs

A small stream appropriately named the Fox River runs south out of Brookfield to Waukesha.  

Sadly, foxes still occupy this area even though it is thoroughly suburban. They are beautiful and cautious animals but make the tragic mistake of building their nests in the corrugated pipe rain tunnels that run under driveways.  These flood and the result is a perfect environment for infection.

Many of the foxes develop mange which is a terrible, parasitic disease. 

One poor little guy made it to our step and was so weak I was able to scoop him up and take him to the Wildlife In Need center.  But it was too late--he died by the next morning. 

My neighbor LaVerne is an animal lover who has been feeding diseased foxes. Without her help they wouldn't have a chance. 

I got a Have-A-Heart trap from the local humane society and so far we've trapped a young fox and took him in for treatment.  He's doing well.  

Now we are trying to trap his mother.  Hope it works. 


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