Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bell Curve and Natural Scratch

Some customers call or send an e-mail wondering whether their cat or cats will use Natural Scratch.  I immediately say yes, but quickly add that in some cases it will take more human involvement and commitment.

More often than not, I then mention the Bell Curve and how it relates to feline behavior involving Natural Scratch.

Some cats on the *most cooperative* side of the curve claw Natural Scratch with little or no training.  We have two like that.

Then there's the other side of the curve--the "least cooperative."  These cats ignore the post completely.  Not good.

Most cats are in the middle and tend toward one end of the curve of the other.

Even completely uninterested cats, however, are turned into reliable and happy Natural Scratch clawers when people follow the instructions in the training booklet. 

It presents an easy-to-understand behavior modification method that works like a champ.

Read more about it at


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