Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sonia At The Willy Street Fair

Now and then, I write an entry about something other than scratching posts for cats. This one focuses on an artist named Sonia, whom I became acquainted with through the Web radio station Got Radio-World.

The song that caught my attention is *Tango*, and it has a superb melody. Sonia is great with melodies...and languages. She sings beautifully in several and seems to have a one-world, one-people, no-war philosophy.

Her band is called Disappear Fear but when my wife and I saw her at Madison's Willy Street Fair last Sunday, she performed alone with just an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, both played precisely and creatively.

It helps to have interesting and meaningful material and she's also an accomplished songwriter, whether the subject is the need for peace, love, and understanding, relationships, advice from her father, or another part of experience, everyday to ethereal. 

I was able to speak with Sonia before the performance and she was gracious and completely unassuming.  I bought CDs for our daughter and son, and she autographed both with cool words and pictures.

Below are some photos I took at the WSF. Click for a larger image. To learn more about Sonia and to purchase her CDs--which are excellent all the way through, song after song, words and music--visit http://www.soniadf.com.

It's clear she loves what she does, and you might love it, too.


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