Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A trip on the bus

I'm a suburbanite, and currently my household has two cars, both titled to my wife. I gave my car to our daughter.

Over the weekend, I bought a used car from a great young guy named Igor who is an immigrant from Serbia and a college student. He works at a large hotel in downtown Milwaukee, so he said I could pick up the car there on Monday.

Rather than ask anyone for a ride, I decided to take the bus. First, I needed to walk to the bus stop which is about 2.5 miles away. The bus came right on schedule and I rode it about ten miles to get in the vicinity of where I was going to meet Igor. When I got on and paid $2.25 there was only one other gentleman aboard but soon others joined us.

Many had passes and quite a few had cell phones. The latter often climbed the stairs into the bus jabbering away and didn't stop during their entire ride.

At two stops, the driver had to let down a special ramp that permitted individuals in wheelchairs to board. What a great feature for the handicapped. Special seats just behind the driver lifted out of the way; then he was able to put the wheelchairs near the windows and strap them down.

It was comfortable and interesting ride. In fact, I saw parts of Milwaukee I hadn't seen before. My fellow passengers seemed like a wonderful group of people. Its great that we have a service like this even if it needs to be subsidized by taxpayer dollars. It's very good to help those who have fewer things in life...very good, indeed.


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