Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A good post and training solve clawing problems

Like any companion, a cat may do things we don't like and that get on our nerves. Scratching something it shouldn't is a major irritation for just about everyone. Thing not to do is get angry--this won't help. Instead, you should immediately understand that the cat is scratching something it shouldn't for one of two reasons or combination of the two: 1. The absence of an approved scratching target in its environment; and 2. It hasn't been trained properly.

The solution is to purchase or build a good scratching post and then train your cat or cats to use it. The first part of this is pretty easy and naturally I highly recommend Natural Scratch. Part 2.--training--might seem a daunting challenge but truly isn't that hard if you have a sensible method and follow it.

Check out http://www.naturalscratch.com/nstraining.html to learn more about the easy-to-use training guide that comes with Natural Scratch.


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