Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two New Ways To Repel Cats From Things They Shouldn't Scratch

Several years ago I came upon two new-to-me ways of dissuading cats from clawing things in the home that are off limits. Thought I should pass them on. These were posted by experienced cat people on the Internet

1. To keep dogs and cats from furniture and such, use Vicks Vapor Rub. They hate this smell.

2. Spray the area that your cat is scratching with inexpensive perfume. It will stop immediately as they do not like the taste when licking their paws. I have been using this for 35 years and have not found a cat yet that continued to scratch my furniture. I hope this helps you, too.

Like humans, a cat tends to stay with something that pleases it. This means that if your cat has developed a bad scratching habit--clawing a couch for example--you will have to work with her or him to bread the habit. The above suggestions might help.


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