Monday, March 14, 2011

Bald Eagle Over Suburban Brookfield

We live about ten miles west of Milwaukee, but two weeks ago I saw a bald eagle out my office window.  No mistaking it--big white head and white tail feathers-- because I've seen quite a few eagles in Northern Wisconsin over the past decade. 

They have come back strongly, and we regularly see them at a family cabin located some 15 miles from Iron Mountain, Michigan.

It was flying in a big looping, hunting patten and was tending toward the southwest.  I went out and watched it until it disappeared.  Evidently it was just passing through.

A nesting pair of Bald Eagles reportedly has taken up residence in Mequon, another 'burb about 15 miles northeast of our location.  Looking into this a bit online, I discovered a video of a Bald Eagle flying over Milwaukee's harbor.  You can see it at

All thanks to Rachel Carson, author of the great *Silent Spring*, a book that led to the banning of DDT and the rebounding of raptors, including eagles.  


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